High-performance hosting for a seamless experience

In the digital world, every millisecond counts. Don't compromise.

Utilize our VPS and Web Hosting solutions, including PrestaShop Web Hosting and WordPress Hosting, to keep your project running smoothly and cater to your e-commerce needs.

Extreme Performance

Our servers are powered by AMD next-generation architecture, NVMe SSD storage, and a highly resilient infrastructure, to meet your needs.

Dedicated Environment

Every solution we have uses resource isolation. You can use all of your hardware resources for hosting games, websites or business applications.

DDoS Protection

Our Anti-DDoS infrastructure combines edge, backbone and, datacenter network logic and has the proven capacity to mitigate attacks up to 1.3 Tbit/s in size.

Protect your game and players

Guarding Your Gaming Experience and Player Community

Maintaining an uninterrupted, secure gaming environment is paramount. With our robust protective measures, you can rest easy knowing malicious entities won't disrupt your favourite games or compromise your online safety.

We offer specialized protection measures for a wide variety of games, ensuring a seamless, secure, and enjoyable gaming experience. From high-action survival and combat games to immersive multiplayer adventures, our protective services cover a broad spectrum:

  • Survival Games: 'ARK: Survival Evolved'
  • Combat and War Games: 'Arma II', 'Arma III'
  • Open-world Adventures: 'Multi Theft Auto San Andreas', 'Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Multiplayer'
  • First-Person Shooters: 'Half-Life' series, 'Team Fortress' series
  • Iconic Shooters: 'Counter Strike' series
  • Action Games: 'Day of Defeat' series, 'Left 4 Dead' series, 'Garry's Mod'
  • Creative and Exploration Games: 'Minecraft Pocket Edition', 'Minecraft Query', 'Minecraft Java Edition'
  • Multiplayer Survival: 'Mumble', 'Rust'
  • Communication Tools: 'TeamSpeak 3', 'TeamSpeak 2'
  • Racing Games: 'TrackMania' series, 'ShootMania Storm'
  • MMORPGs: 'MU Online', 'Cabal Online', '9Dragons'

Whether you're hosting a high-stakes CS: GO match, building intricate worlds in Minecraft, or coordinating on TeamSpeak, our protective measures ensure a secure, stable, and smooth gaming experience.

Excellence through AMD Ryzen™ Technology

Our commitment to delivering top-notch performance is reflected in our choice of hardware. All our servers are equipped with AMD Ryzen™ CPUs, a testament to our dedication towards providing quality and performance.

The superior AMD Ryzen™ processors we employ are not just ordinary CPUs. They represent the pinnacle of processor technology, making them the ideal choice for a wide range of applications in cloud and dedicated hosting environments. Designed to handle complex workloads efficiently, these processors deliver an impressive level of performance.

Our commitment doesn't stop at equipping our servers with the best CPUs. We have deployed AMD Dedicated Servers on a robust and highly resilient infrastructure, ensuring maximum uptime for your projects. This advanced infrastructure is also paired with lightning-fast bandwidth speeds, allowing for swift data transfer and enhanced efficiency.

The raw power of AMD CPUs, when combined with our low latency and high availability infrastructure, results in servers that are more than just powerful; they are perfect for a wide variety of uses. For gamers, this combination offers an unbeatable gaming experience, delivering smooth, lag-free gameplay that keeps you immersed in your favorite virtual worlds.

Whether you're running an eCommerce store using PrestaShop Web Hosting, managing a blog with WordPress Hosting, or commanding a virtual army in your favorite game, our servers with AMD Ryzen™ CPUs offer the high performance and reliability you need.

Excellence through AMD Ryzen™ Technology
Harness the Power of NVMe SSD for Unrivaled Performance

Harness the Power of NVMe SSD

In the realm of data storage and transfer, NVMe SSD drives stand out as the cutting-edge technology. They are known to deliver the quickest transfer and I/O speeds, outperforming regular hard drives by a factor of 35 and surpassing standard SATA SSDs by a factor of 6/7. This increased speed translates to enhanced performance and efficiency for your applications.

At our core, we believe in providing the highest level of performance without compromise. That's why all our servers, whether they're powering your PrestaShop Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, or E-Commerce Hosting, are equipped with NVMe SSD drives. These drives not only deliver top-tier speed and reliability but also come at a price point that respects your budget.

By equipping our servers with NVMe SSD drives, we ensure you receive a potent solution with dedicated resources tailored for your business needs. Experience the difference of high-speed data handling and elevate your hosting experience to new heights.